Not Sure If I'm Pleased to Meet You Yet

This would be Sullivan's first day of sunlight. He was very calm during the day mostly, suprisingly so. He got to sit in the sun some with his mom while his dad and big brother made themselves scarce for a little while for much needed naps.

The whole family is home now. Even Nande is home from her stay at the Pet Resort near the hospital. She's bushed now but you should have seen her excitement when I picked her up.

She doesn't know what to make of the new baby yet. Its interesting to watch her curious sniffs. I bet Sully smells good. In fact, I know he does.

Graydon's feeling better after a little bit of a fever in the hospital and a strange little puking night. He is much better now though. So much so that he was bouncing off the walls yesterday evening. It was kind of fun to bunk up with him while P and Sully were on the other side of the room.

I do like being altogether. Extra rooms are nice and all for crying little ones and exhausted parents to go to their separate corners and all. But being altogether during the hospital stay was good for all of us.

Jeebus, its late. I should go and get some sleep while I can. I know we're going to have some tiring days and nights ahead of us. But the funny part is that both P and I are thoroughly looking forward to it.