IP on Immigration

There's been a ton of stuff already written about the current immigration "debate" taking place in the US right now.

And the rhetoric has been flying thick and fast for quite some time now. So I figured I might as well add my couple of cents to the whole deal.

One, illegal immigrants in the country now without permission making demands about auto-granting them citizenship is insane. It is, in theory, the same as criminals demanding to be set free.

Two, the idea of deporting nearly 12 million people is equally or maybe even more insane. That Bill Frist is a public figure, and apparently respected by some people, is truly astonishing to me. I thought he'd blown any respect on his Terri Schiavo "medical opinion" but I guess not quite yet. Anyway, back to immigration.

Three, I say the best way to fix the problem is to break it down. How many of the illegals can prove they've been good tax-paying citizens for x number of years? Then swear 'em in and let's welcome who's been a useful and lawful alien as one of our own. How many does that leave? Okay then, let's keep going. The next group wouldn't be granted immediate citizenship, they'd be something like "Working Towards Citizenship" by demonstrated steps. This could be a pretty big group and would include all levels and degrees. It would also cost a shitload to implement and run but would be a fraction of the cost of deporting 12 million people.

Four, investigate, arrest and punish employers who are putting out the money to bring the illegals in. If the well goes dry then people go looking elsewhere for water.

Five, develop a temporary worker system. Yeah, like what Bush has talked about. A pass system for workers to get documentation (and the protection of a codified system), work histories and tax histories. It could easily be a part of the big group.

Six, becoming an American shouldn't just be lip service to get the benefits. Marching for immigration by carrying a Mexican flag should pretty much exclude your ever getting citizenship. I understand national pride and all but you are marching to protest immigration laws for leaving your home nation. Let that sink in. By becoming American, you are no longer, according to the rules of time and space, Mexican. Unless you work the process really well and become a dual citizen. But I doubt that's a regularity.

The bottom line is that this is an insanely huge problem that won't be solved by blowhards like Frist. And, really, I don't expect the Bush or GOP to do anything, at all. That's kind of par for the course.

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