I Gotcher Mission Impossible Right Here

So Mission Impossible III opened this weekend and is the #1 movie or something. But I won't be seeing it in the theatre or at home because Tom Cruise, as with Arnold Schwarzenegger, has allowed his private life to overshadow his movie career.

The Katie Holmes retardness has put you on the same list as the Governator Moron, Elton John, the entire cast of Friends with the possible exception of Matt Leblanc because he was decent in Lost in Space, Will & Grace, Dharma & Greg and Everybody Loves Raymond, that is, you are shit-canned. I will never intentionally give you a penny of my money for any reason whatsoever.

Mission Impossible would be you realizing what an utter fool you made of yourself over the last year plus and ably demonstrated what an ego does in an echo chamber. Its pretty much the same thing as a marshmallow in a microwave, it blows up, gets gooey everywhere and is a fucking nightmare to clean up the next day. Jumping the shark doesn't even begin to cover your over-acting to prove to the world how much you were in love.

So yeah, enjoy your movie and your fiancee who birthed you another whelp. If I had anything to say about it, you'd never act in another movie again. I'd love it if more people decided to vote with their wallets and ignore your crappy movies, it might penetrate that three inch thick skull of yours.

Thank you.

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