Cheap Ass Rich People

You know what irritates me more than anything else about people with money? When they crow about getting given free shit.

That just fucking pisses me off. Kelly Ripa was yapping about getting free hats and its like, one, you're an incredibly annoying person, two, you've got money, go buy your own fucking hat, you intentionally-bubbleheaded moron.

A big and getting bigger story are the goodie bags given away to Oscar winners. Something like $120,000 worth of giveaways given to people who get millions of dollars per movie. George Clooney auctioned his off and donated the proceeds, which was cool but he is the exception. Goodie bags worth more than your average family of four makes in a year. Nice skewed universe.

Yes, from a marketing perspective, getting your product in the hands of the rich and famous is a great way to sell more units. But it also works the opposite way on a number of people, myself included. And don't ever hire Paris Hilton or Carrottop to hawk your schlock. Think of it as a personal favor to me.

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