Astros Fans Shame Baseball

It doesn't matter what the circumstances are, any fans that cheer a player getting beaned by a pitcher are not baseball fans, they are thuggish assholes.

Barry Bonds got thrown at by the Astros' Russ Springer, not once or twice but five pitches in the same at-bat all had a good chance to hit the superstar. The first pitch went behind Bonds!

Springer got a warning and then threw a fastball and beaned Barry Bonds in the upper back. And Astros fans? They cheered the beaning.

Which pretty much goes to demonstrate that Astros fans aren't baseball fans. A stark contrast to the boos Bonds got in Philly but nearly everyone in that stadium rose to their feet and cheered as he hit #713.

Houston, we have a problem, your "fans" have an absolute lack of class. Or maybe that's Texas Class? Cheering poor behaviour. Either way, I lost a lot of respect for the Astros and for Houston. Just as I did for the Sharks fans who booed the Canadian National Anthem the other night, totally uncool.

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