Another Milestone

Yesterday, at a Memorial Day Barbecue, Graydon broke some new ground on his development. He found out that there are places where he can push his body into that are not quite so easy to get out of.

He got most of his body between my friend's hot tub and the deck railings. And when he started to back up, realized that he could not extract himself. Which led to a couple of frenzied moments until I calmed him down, put my hand over his ear and eased him out of the predicament.

Then I went back to the hand of poker we were playing when it all started and made $30. So that was a nice wrapup to the whole thing.

I knew that I wasn't going to be able to play until 4 in the morning with my family there and at around 10 I started to wrap up my play, counted out and got ready to go. One of the other guys tried to get a rise out of me by saying I should have played more hands through to completion, intimating that I played a passive game. Which was true, I was very patient. But he was one to talk, his three biggest pots were all won on dumb-shit luck river love. His hands were all made on the final card of the hand and that's not good poker, that's luck. And luck runs out.

Anyway, Graydon has now crossed off getting his head stuck in between two things. The list is still really long but that one is all taken care of. And I think he learned his lesson too.

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