The W is All That Matters

Yesterday was Opening Day at home for the Giants. And we were there to soak it all in and have a great time in the first day without any rain any of us can remember. It was sunny, it was nice and the Giants won the game.

And Barry Bonds got a standing ovation from his hometown crowd not once but twice. Regardless of the witch hunt, we treasure him and recognize his contributions to the game of baseball and the indisputable fact that he is one of the greatest players to ever play the game. And its a privilege to be able to go and see him play.

We were all able to get out and up there early enough to hang out in the parking lot and tailgate a bit and enjoy the pretty festive atmosphere. There was alot of black and orange pretty much everywhere and you could walk through the entire parking lot and listen to the KNBR pregame show the entire way (interspersed with some boom diggity thump thump thump).

For reasons I'll gloss over here, we didn't get to see the starting lineups introduced but I was sitting in my seat way up in the upper deck down the left field line. And I'll also add that charging an extra $2.50 to print your ticket at home is incredibly shortsighted and stupid. And it increases the load on the stadium. It should be free or even a credit to print your own ticket for them. But oh well.

Randy Winn got off the schnide quickly with his first hit after going O for San Diego. That was a good start to the bottom of the inning after a quick top by Noah Lowry.

I joined in the rest of the stadium when Barry came up with men on second and third in the first inning. I understand why he was walked but I sure as hell didn't like it any better than anyone else.

When Noah pulled his Sabbathia and went out, I was worried that the game would fall apart. And when Fassero served up two quick homeruns I was very concerned. But then the bottom of the inning came. And the Giants got all the offense they would need for the game in 6 runs.

There was much walking around and enjoying the spectacle of the game from a variety of vantage points. When the sun finally broke through and the bleachers warmed up and we were way back up in the shade, it was time to head back out to where my seats were. And three of us, two drunk and one driving, made our way to a couple of seats out in the sun where we could enjoy the last few innings of the game in warmth. And there was a Braves fan that the guys heckled.

There were some late inning worries but they got the win and that's a really great way to end Opening Day.

But that's not where the day ended for us. We hung out in the parking lot for a while, allowing the traffic to disperse a little bit. Then we got hungry and got in line for a long time. Which was a bad idea later as we were sniffing fumes. We got to a gas station and it turned out to be commercial only, which was a problem.

We kept going on in the hopes of being able to make it to another station but we weren't gonna be lucky enough to pull it and the truck slowed to a stop near Alemany in South San Francisco. We hiked up to a station, bought an overpriced 1 gallon gas can and Paul finagled a ride back to our car, which was very cool.

After filling the rest of the way up we drove down to Los Gatos and stopped in for a libation break and got some good apps while we were at it. And a damned parking ticket. Which was lame, lame, lame and now Los Gatos is on my fuck-you list.

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