Replacement Digi-Cam Score

Last week when we were at the ballgame in San Francisco I was having a good time snapping pics with my little Canon SD500. Until around the sixth inning when a rubber gasket around the lens started to come out. By the seventh inning stretch it was three quarters of the way out so I just pulled it all the way out.

I'd been looking for a good enough reason to use my extended warranty and this was a pretty legitimate issue.

So I took the camera back in to Staples to see about the replacement. The first lady looked at my receipt and said that I did not have an extended warranty. At which point I asked to see the Manager on Duty immediately.

The MoD took one look and reassured me that I did, in fact, have an extended warranty, it was just not noted as such on the receipt. Which is something that Staples really should address, being more forthright in the warranty that's been purchased and making it alot easier to recognize.

But I digress.

The good part is that I now have a big fat juicy cash card from Staples that includes the cost of the camera but not with the 12% off I'd gotten on the original purchase. Which means that it'll be very easy to buy the extended warranty again. And I'll be getting one of the sweet new Canon Powershot SD700 IS's when they get on to the market later on this month.

The new SD700 IS is a substantial improvement over the SD500 for several reasons. The best is that the IS in SD700 IS stands for Image Stabilization. This is a first in the Elph line and represents a great leap forward in the capabilities of these small cameras since they are especially prone to shaking.

Second big improvement is the addition of an 800 ISO which means the camera can snap pictures very quickly. The SD500 had a top ISO of 400.

The third big improvement is a 2.5" LCD view screen as opposed to the 2" screen on the SD500. And, while the 2.5" screen is big, the Canon SD630 sports a 3" screen! Its HUGE! But the SD630 doesn't have image stabilization and thus its out of the running.

The fourth big improvement is the capability to shoot video at 60 fps, twice standard recording speed. Which means better video, alot better video.

The fifth improvement isn't huge but its another step forward and it will help. Canon has bumped the optical zoom to 4x over the 3x on the SD500. Sure, its not a big change but one more level of magnification is one more level of magnification and I'll take it!

Now all I have to do is wait for Canon to start selling them so I can go get one!
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