Rains Stop, Sun Comes Out......Here Comes the Pollen

After seemingly months of solid rain, the sun has been out over the last couple of days and we've undergone a pretty amazing shift from damp cold to muggy and hot. We slept with the bedroom window open last night and I even had the fan in it for a while to bring in some cool air.

But the bummer thing about the rain stopping is that every single plant in existence is throwing off massive amounts of pollen right now and its pretty well overwhelming my Claritin (acutally its not really Claritin as that shit is way overpriced and I got the same meds for less than half with the Long's brand on them). Which had, until today, been keeping me symptom free for the last two weeks. But not anymore.

So here I sit, sniffling and dripping and waiting for the Claritin to re-establish itself and knock out this newest allergic onslaught. It'll probably happen just in time for the rains to start up again this evening.

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