Marching Toward Completion

There is a big metaphorical fork poised above the second bathroom upstairs. It is so close to being done that there's almost steam rising from it.

We've refurbished the tub, re-lined, sealed and repainted the entire tub surround and then painted the rest of the room again. Replaced the shower doors with ones that work and look nice. Pulled the tired old mini-globe light bar and put in a three sconce wrought iron looking one. And today I'm finishing the installation of the new counter top and sink with new hardware as well. It will look and feel completely different. And in a good way.

Then we start on the other bathroom.

In the meantime, I'm also going to get a rototiller to shred the back yard, mix in some crabgrass hating fertilizer and reseed it with some thick and lush fast growing grass. Levelling out the yard some in the process but leaving enough space to get at the fence that was on its last legs three months ago and is only being held up now by a couple of unlucky trees.

Then there's also the parking space project out front. I was offered help by my neighbor to do it. Which will be fine as it's going to be tiring and tough. Basically, we'll bust up a slab of bad, bad, ugly concrete that the previous owners either did themselves or paid someone half of what it cost to do. Then we'll probably build the wall out about three feet and up two to fill in with dirt and then finally concrete over. Anyway, that's another project.

Back to the sink which did not, unfortunately, pass the leak test. So I get to undo everything, rewrap it and resecure everything again. Oh boy.

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