Laying Fines on the Victim?

Pedro Martinez, the jerri-curled star pitcher for the New York Mets, is a fiery little guy with a fastball that could be defined as a deadly weapon. And he holds grudges for, well, forever.

In his career, he's faced Jose Guillen of the Washington Nationals (the worst name in professional sport) a total of 40 times. Pedro Martinez has beaned Jose Guillen five times in those 40 at bats. That's one beaning for every eight at bats, with two of those beanings in the same game last week.

And Pedro says they were accidents? Bullshit. You don't hit the same guy that many times and its an accident. Especially if you're a control pitcher like Pedro.

So what happens when Jose Guillen gets pissed off after getting hit for the second time in the same game? He starts towards the mound with his bat in his hand and incites a bench clearing shoving match.

As payback, Felix Rodriguez beans one of Pedro's teammates. And gets a three game suspension and a fine while the National's manager gets a fine and a suspension. And Jose Guillen gets fined an undisclosed amount. What penalty/punishment does Pedro Maratine get? Nothing. Nothing at all for serial beanings of the same player.

And that is, as is sometimes called, fucking bullshit.

What's more is that Mets pitchers beaned 6 Nationals players to the one single payback beaning of Met Paul Lo Duca.

I heard a baseball analyst call for an investigation into the conspiracy to make the Nationals suck. And I second that motion. This is bullshit and a real baseball commissioner would put an immediate stop to it. But we're stuck with Bud "Public Outcry" Selig and nothing of substance will happen.

The only good thing out of all of this is that Pedro plays in the National League now and has to swing the bat. Which puts his skinny little ass in the target. And I would have not the least problem with him getting drilled a couple of times.

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