Free Marketing Tip

Here's a simple tip for anyone looking to sell something.

Tell people the price.

Seems pretty simple, doesn't it?

But I've had two instances of trying to find a price for some crap that people were selling, one on a website for tires, the other in a marketing pamphlet from opening day at PacBell Park in SF (I know its not that anymore but I'm sick of the changes, you know where I mean when I write PacBell Park). Its useless to "help" me find a product to buy without how much you're going to try and charge me for it. Duh!

You'll also see it in car ads. "Call for price" means, "Move on". Good marketing, that.

The only defense against this sort of advertising and marketing is to ignore it. Not pay into it, not give it the attention it actually wants. Passive dismissal is an ultimate sort of fuck you that's hard to overcome.

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