Dusting Off the Cheddar X

Its been a little while but I ran off a new Cheddar X last night and wanted to run it all the way through before it passed off my radar again. So, here we go!

1. What food completely repulses you?

2. What food or foods did you used to love but can't eat anymore?
The big Sweettarts, too many one sunny afternoon in my stupid youth and those taste buds got permanently burned.

3. What food used to repulse you but you like now?
Raw oysters, shrimp, spinach. Does whiskey count?

4. If you had one choice of food forever, what would it be?
Probably a Cobb Salad because it could be deconstructed into a couple dozen different dishes. But anything for too long will become its own hell.

5. What song or singer should you like but do not?
U2, bunch of poser wankers.

6. What song or singer shouldn't you like but do?
I admit to liking some Shakira and one The Brit song. Also, apparently I'm in the minority of people who like Bjork but I think that's because I associate her with a pretty good time of my life.

There now, that wasn't so hard. Want some cheese of your own? Go, get some!
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