Budt It's Not Personal

Bud Selig is having a hard time stopping the fall of "records". No matter how petty and lame he is, they will still fall. Barry Bonds has been swinging a pretty hot bat recently and he is getting closer and closer to passing Babe Ruth for second place on the all time list.

Now, I understand that Barry Bonds is under investigation for perjury regarding his testimony to a grand jury. I understand that some journos wrote a book. But I also understand that this public fuck you'ing by Selig, i.e. publicly declaring that Barry Bonds is a cheater before the investigation has even conclude anything, is as much personal grudge as it is an attempt to scapegoat Bonds for "crimes" he was not only complicit in allowing to happen, he profitted from juiced players.

But Barry Bonds seems destined to pass Babe Ruth and here's Selig: MLB not planning any celebration for Bonds passing Ruth and dismissed any thoughts with this gem of a fuck you "Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's record," Selig said. "We don't celebrate anybody the second or third time in."

Ever notice how Bud Selig and C. Montgomery Burns look alike? I hadn't either until now.

My thinking is that Barry will pass Ruth, in the next couple of weeks, and then might just call it a career. Its obvious he's not having much fun right now with his knees all beaten to hell and an elbow packed full of bone chips.

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