Its just a word, sure, but what it represents is taking responsibility for your actions, good and bad.

Its something the Bush Regime is completely incapable of, apparently.

Donald Rumsfeld has been outed by his generals for doing a spectacularly crappy job in running Bush's Pet War and those generals have now called for his replacement with someone, well, competent.

And Bush's response? "Heckuva job, Rummy!" Full support from the President for a man who has demonstrated terrible decision making, bad follow through, under equipping the troops while overpaying Halliburton and engaging in a war without any exit strategy.

In fact, I was emailed a copy of the Bush Iraq War Plan the other day. Want to see it?

1. Invade Iraq.
2. Get the oil.
3. Profit.

Pretty straight forward but they forgot about the Iraqi people, they forgot about how empire building creates deep, deep hatred from those being built upon. They forgot that an unjust invasion of a sovereign nation will tend to draw people together to stand against the imperialism. They forgot that Iraq would become a magnet for terrorists and for anti-American sentiment. They forgot that using lies and deceit to launch the war will end up hanging them. They forgot that a war isn't a momentary event, its a long, drawn out struggle to control a territory and going in without a plan to get out is basically admitting that there is no desire to get out. Iraq is an occupied territory now.

And yes, accountability can be applied to other aspects of American culture. The main issue facing the US aside from the continuing stream of lies, scandal, indictments and good ol' Texas stupidity from Washington is, of course, Barry Bonds and his alleged steroid use.

Now, based on unsubstantiated books written by assholes with an axe to grind, Bonds is supposedly facing perjury charges for his testimony back in 2003.

First off, I don't know about the rest of you but I'd really rather that our government focused on a helluva lot more important issues than whether one man used steroids or PEDs during his baseball career. Last time I checked, the US has a thoroughly fucked healthcare system, an economy that's being sucked dry by robber barons posing as CEOs, an environment that's had its soft underbelly exposed to the tender mercies of corporate raiders and an entire region of the country STILL devastated by Hurricane Katrina in addition to hundreds of smaller problems that are still a thousand times more important than whether Barry Bonds perjured himself three years ago.

What else happened three years ago? Oh yeah, President George W. Bush promised to get to the bottom of the leak that outed Valerie Plame as a CIA operative in retaliation for her husband not giving Bush the ammo he needed to launch his fucking war.

Where's the fucking Congressional Committee calling Bush to the carpet after it was admitted just last week that Bush authorized the declassification of the materials?

Its more important though that we catch that evil mastermind, Barry Bonds. Oh yes. He's responsible for thousands of deaths, billions of wasted dollars and a swamp of blood and guts called Iraq. Oh yes, let's persecute Barry Bonds and all will be well in this country again.


Bush admitted authorizing the leaking of the information as presidential power #1286. Actually there's just one Bush Presidential Power, he believes he can do any damned thing he pleases. And he's got the bobble-headed scumbag yes-men to give him the thumbs up (yes, Alberto Gonzales, I'm farting in your general direction, you filthy De-Constitutional Fuck).

But no, let's keep focused on the important issues of Barry Bonds' use of PEDs years ago when they were tacitly condoned by Major League Baseball, the owners, the commissioner and the fans. Let's ignore the fact that our country is led by a corrupt moron without even a shred of contact with reality in decades.

Accountability is my watchword for the day.

I want the bastards held accountable for their crimes and incompetence. I want the fucking filthy CEO fucks who have golden parachutes lined with the pensions of their workers (who they have fucked over) and then they get more unnecessary benefits like permanent free healthcare for them and their families AFTER getting $200 million dollar pensions for driving a company into the ground.

And yes, I want accountability in baseball. But that means expanding the scope of this farce of an investigation to beyond Barry Bonds as I can absolutely fucking guarantee you that he was not the only using PEDs back in the day. There's just no goddamned way and yet his name is the only name mentioned in regards to the investigation.

But more than baseball, I want our government to be held accountable for its actions. They must be held accountable, they must be let known that the American people do not support religious fanaticism in the White House. That the American people do not support deception and lies. That the American people want their nation back and that those who have undermined its values to their own profit be held accountable and punished for their crimes.

And yes, I'd like to see Dick Cheney indicted for that shooting incident where he blasted his pal in the face with a shotgun while almost certainly under the influence of alcohol (at the very least). The brazen criminality of this regime is as anti-American as it can possibly get. And yet, they bang their drum and wave their flag and protest about being persecuted (while trying to work deals to allow the CIA to torture suspects). The loudest patriots, like the loudest homophobes, are not patriots. They are using rhetoric to manipulate public perception and opinion.

But its not working very well anymore. Even Republican supporters are sick and tired of the lies as Bush and the GOP Congress are at their lowest approval ratings ever. And they will continue to set new records for disapproval.

And oh yeah, just saw this about Rummy allowing abuse of prisoners at Gitmo. "Heckuva job, Rummy!" I wonder whether he "allowed" it or "ordered" it?

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