Survivor Wrap

Okay, Survivor was back on after being off for two weeks so college basketball idiocy could grip the nation. Overall, it was a pretty good episode that helped me solidify a few thoughts

One, Shane, the marketer guy, is a complete and utter douchebag. He's a rude, arrogant asshole and I hope that he gets nowhere near the final two. Being so overt and calling your six together for a pow-wow is just so over the top and incredibly assholish that I hope the guy gets hurt and has to leave the damned show. Nothing permanent, maybe a good knock upside the head though.

Two, Courtney, the fire dancer, is one of the ugliest and fakest people I've ever seen on TV. She's annoying, stupid and rude too. I lost any respect for her when she did her stretching IN Bruce's rock garden, that's so beyond fucking rude that I would have thrown her into the ocean.

Three, seeing Bruce get hit in the face with the blade side of the machete made my stomach turn. I was expecting a mess but he ended up being okay and that's just amazing. I like Bruce.

Four, did I mention that Shane is an asshole? And who names their son, Boston? I'm sorry, dude, but that's almost as bad as naming your child Apple (ala Gwenyth Paltrow).

Five, Aras has been playing every side he can and comes off like a bit of a weasel.

Six, did Danielle take the week off? She said almost nothing the entire show.

Seven, I'd hoped for some drama in the vote at the end but Bruce didn't flip over and one of the truly good people on the show, Nick, got voted out.

Eight, how do I know Nick was one of the best people on the show? He used his moment of reflection at the end of the show to send a message to 20somethings telling them to find themselves and that was just a really good and cool thing to do. Major props to him for it as most folks just grouse about getting kicked off.

Nine, if Shame or Courtney win this Survivor, I will never watch the show again. Neither of them deserves anything but scorn and I'm really sick of the assholes running the show. Especially when there are good, decent people like Terry, Dan, Bruce, Nick, Sally and Austin.
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