The Spin Monster

Here are a couple of versions of a video I shot over the weekend at the Monster Jam in San Jose. Have you ever seen a truck do 360's in the same place? Well, then choose the Small (about 220K) or the Large (2.2 MB), turn up your speakers and enjoy the (short) show.

This was the highlight of the evening but there were some other pretty cool moments as well. Also, right after this truck did its thing here, it went down, jumped the five pancaked cars and got a little out of form in the air and was not able to stay upright when it came down. Much the delight of the approving crowd.

I mean, what's a Monster Jam without a truck rolling onto its side, getting righted and then the show going on? Why, that would be the much less popular event called the Monster Lame.

I'll get the new video added to the IP: Media page tomorrow.
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