Smoking Sales At Lowest Level Since 1951

I saw the news this morning that the sales of cigarettes are at their lowest point since 1951 which is impressive and good. But then, any product that continually kills off its customers should be, eventually, bound to suffer because of it.

Its easy to forget about smoking living here in California. Sure, there are people that smoke but they are not the norm, they are the exception. Visiting Arizona this last weekend it was kind of scary and pretty gross just how many people were lighting up, everywhere. In bars, on the street, in restaurants, everywhere. It was nasty. I'd forgotten about smoking and non-smoking sections, I'd forgotten that people love, love, love their little cancer sticks.

The article says 378 billion cigarettes were sold in the US in 2005. Just think about that for a moment. Now think that the cost for each one of those cigarettes is about twenty-five cents. That is nearly $100 billion spent on something that does nothing but kill, make ill and pollute the environment. One hundred billion dollars. To give people the power to slowly poison themselves and the environment. Wow.

But hey, reducing use is a really good step in the right direction. Now let's all work on making that 378,000,000,000 figure up there into a 0. Okay?
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