Pros vs. Joes = Really Bad TV

Maybe I caught a bad episode or a bad challenge or something but watching a basketball pro and a swimming pro skate was about as painful as watching knee surgery. And the Joes, the average couch surfing wankers, try to skate was ten times as painful.

Truly. They were absolutely awful. And I have absolutely zero doubt that I could have kicked every one of their asses on the ice. Not that I'm a great skater but at least I know what I'm doing. Sure, Clyde Drexler would destroy me on a basketball court but that's no big whoop, that's what he made his living doing. Same thing for Gary Hall Jr. in the pool.

Damn though, that was some truly pathetically awful television.

Let's see if the final "Overtime" deal makes up for that terrible crap they put on before. Not so far, get by Drexler on a basketball court, catch two kicks from Mort Anderson, hold your breath as long as Gary Hall Jr. (though this is stupid and unnecessary because the two Joes go against each other), catch wild pitches from John Rocker (yeah, Good Ol' Boy John "Racist" Rocker) and then score a basket against Lisa Lobo. Its just a bad and stupid show that could have been so much better.
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