Off to the Valley of the Sun

The family is flying down to Arizona today for a weekend in the Valley of the Sun and some spring training baseball fun. Its something I've wanted to do for years and years but have not been able to for one reason or another.

But not this year. This year we crossed off all the excuses not to go and figured out how to go and we're going.

Two baseball games in a couple of days and one trip to the zoo. As well as being able to share my old stomping grounds with my family and we might even run into an old friend or two while we're out there.

The best part? I've been working on getting Graydon to say "baseball" or "Barry" for the last week or so and he's got "baseball" down pretty well now but no "Barry". The way he says "baseball" is really sweet and funny too, much like pretty much everything else he does. It comes out "Bay-bawl" and he's quite enthusiastic!

And here's a little baseball oldie but goodie for you all, Randy Johnson goes bird hunting with his fastball.
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