Like Stealing Dinner from Grandma

Its just like stealing dinner from Grandma to buy bullets and bombs. In fact, that is exactly what it is.

Low-income S.F. seniors to lose food boxes to federal cutbacks and where is that money going to go to be used? The news report this morning said the money would go to the Department of Defense which means that it will, eventually, be given to Halliburton.

I truly do not understand how this government continues to enjoy support from the very same people that it is screwing over with this bullshit.

I saw a Geo Prizm this morning that had a Bush/Cheney '04 bumper sticker on it and I had to give props to the Republicans for so convincingly pulling the wool over people's eyes with their lies and wedge issues.

Folks, unless you earn in the top 5% of this country, then the Republican ticket is not intended to benefit you. And its alot more aimed at the top 1%. The Republicans are not concerned with your inability to pay your bills or get adequate healthcare, they are concerned with lining their pockets, spending money faster than at any time in history, becoming embroiled in an unwinnable land war in the Middle East (despite nearly every military expert and the president's own father strongly advising against it) to the eventual tune of $2 TRILLION by some estimates.

The upcoming elections are the next best chance to send a very, very clear message to Washington that We The People will not stand idly by while they raid our nation of its resources and sell its future in the form of an ever-increasing debtload. We The People need to throw these crooked bastards out, investigate their dealings and punish the guilty very severely.
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