The First Salvo has Been Launched

It has begun, my quest to recoup money owed to me by my previous employer. I have started the process with an offer of an easy settlement without putting the issue into the public record because of my previous relationship with the new guy running the company.

If the company was still being run by the person who hired me then we would already be in court because I know a waste of time when I see one. And there's no way that the company would willingly pay me unless the guy running the company now is able to make them see that this is the cheapest and best solution.

So we shall see what happens next. But just in case, I will be meeting with a lawyer next week to discuss my next options. Most likely a legal letter demanding payment and then a lawsuit if they are dense enough to ignore the easy outs.

Which is entirely possible at this point. I know how my old boss's chin would get set and nothing (literally nothing) could make that thick, ego-driven brain switch. Though I expect they are and should be concerned about a lawsuit since those tend to scare off prospective buyers.
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