Double Standards of Deviance

Okay, so Debra Lafave screwed one of her 14 year old students. And now part of the charges against her have been dropped because the trial would have been too much of an ordeal for her the boy.

Now, Debra's been shined up quite a bit since her initial arrest and is now a pretty great looking woman, who screws 14 year old boys. And its appearing more and more likely that she won't even do jail time for sex with a minor.

Now just imagine that Debra was Dang and that he was not going to end up doing any jail time for having sex with a 15 year old girl. Feel your rage building? Why is that? Same crime just a different gender. Well let it subside because Dang Van Dinh has been sentenced to jail time and has begun serving a five year sentence. For the exact same thing that Debra Lafave did.

Why is there this monstrous double standard? If Debra was David then there would be no plea bargain, there would be no dropping of charges, there would be outrage at the suggestion of a reduction of sentence. Why does this woman get away with a crime? What's to stop the next lonely Laura from shredding her social contract as a teacher who is supposed to protect her students and bedding down with them too? Nothing. They won't go to jail and I'm sure there are book deals, movie deals and all kinds of other shit in the works for Lefave to profit from her crimes.

She will be a role model to other teachers who want to fuck their students. Just make sure you're not a male teacher. That's the message I'm taking from this.

Oh yeah, and when you're in trouble you should invoke God's name as often as possible, it somehow placates the angry masses. But maybe that only works if you're an attractive woman.

At the very least she should be a registered sex offender for the rest of her life.
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