Crossing Things Off

The pulling, cutting and reseating of the sink? Done.
The pull of the counter, cleaning of the wall, spackling the wall, spraying with orangepeel, painting and then finally reseating the counter snugly against the pretty wall? Done.
The repair to the sink's drain system? Done.

New projects?
Repair the downstairs bathroom sink.
Drain, clean and relocate hot tub.
Cut 4x4 and cement footing into place to brace deck for hot tub.
Gate for deck.

The rain isn't helping to make it possible to get things done. As in, I got the deck cleaned off and ready to move and the hot tub draining (a process that took around 7 hours total, I think) and then the rain came again and then the hail. I know that other parts of the country are getting bashed up good by late winter storms.

Yeah and the lightning is striking close enough to shake the stuff on the walls. Oh boy!
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