Budget Architect

Anyone who knows me knows that I've been on the lookout for some property to buy and build a house on. I live in one of the most expensive places to live in the country and that's not really helping the process very much at all. Neither is the fact that much of the land in this area is more vertical than horizontal.

But I am still persevering and have found several lots that could be workable given some other issues having been worked out.

Like housing. To undertake the creation of a new place to live, we are going to have to to sell our current house (yeah, I know, boo hoo) and then live on the land that we are going to build our house on. That means either portable housing, temporary housing or another structure that we can have delivered to the site, constructed and would become a rental property.

To that end, I've done many hours of research and a large variety of building methods, techniques and possibilities. And the expense runs the gamut from dirt cheap (around $10 a square foot) to, uh, not so dirt cheap (around $250 a square foot) and encompasses an astonishing range of steps in between.

One thing I can work on from my end though, is the floor plan and layout. Lots of web searching has given me a really good basis to work from and develop the layout of the house. After we've got a basic idea put together, I'm going to construct a model of the house with my Legos so we can revise and make sure that we get everything where we want it and how we want and check clearances and see if we need some stuff or don't need other stuff.

The current front running design is a modified H structure with a central living area and two wings on each side. If the Lego mock ups come out reasonably well, I'll post some pics for feedback.

It's nice to be home even if it has rained much of the time since we got back. But it sure is sunny right now.
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