I forget what Arizona is like in the intervening years between my visits here. But I remember very quickly as its impossible to not get the "Attitude" from the airport on out.

The Valley of the Sun has alot going for it but one of the most irritating aspects is the mentality of the folks who live here. There's a pervasive sense of "fuckyouitis" here meaning people will cut you off, step ahead of you in line and basically treat you like a doormat if you let them. Its kind of a shitty mentality here and it rubs the hell out of me after a little while.

But its alright, we're here for a short trip and I'm not going to let a little assholery get me down when we're watching ballgames and enjoying family time. Yesterday's game was a good fun one with about 10,000 people attending it was a good sized crowd for a spring training game. Lance Niekro provided all the offense the Giants needed to secure the meaningless win (meaningless since it doesn't really count against the season record but very useful in evaluating rookie talent and for getting pitchers into game shape).

Jason Schmidt pitched a strong outing, looking pretty sharp, pretty strong and like he had a good and live fastball. I hope he has a good year. We did not see batting practice as the munchkin's nap collided with that opportunity but we're rallying up and heading out early today in the hopes of seeing Barry doink a few balls into tomorrow. He hasn't played in any games yet but he's still working on that sweet swing and that'll be fun to watch.

So we're headed out to watch the Giants take on the US World Baseball Classic squad. Yippee!

Just don't let your guard down on the roads in Arizona or you'll find yourself buggered, quickly.

And I can definitely recommend My Big Fat Greek Restaurant on Mill Ave in Tempe, excellent dinner, great service and they've got tobacco hookahs at the bar while you wait (if you are so inclined).
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