They Must Dial Really Slowly

Okay, so everyone's heard about Chickenhawk Dick Cheney on a bird slaughtering trip (its been noted that hunting and what people like Cheney do are not the same thing) and the fact that he shot his hunting companion.

And then they waited 18 plus hours to report the crime. And it was only reported because of a tip from the land where the guy got shot.

So now we have the Vice President demonstrating appallingly poor gun safety and shooting his partner and then waiting almost a full day to report it? Why? So they could try to concoct a story that doesn't make Dick Cheney look like the utter fucktard he is.

There are basic gun safety rules that anyone who touches a firearm should be taught and should know.

But I guess just like the laws of the land don't apply to King George and Queen Dick, I guess regular old gun safety rules and guidelines don't amount to a pile of beans next to him and his big sexy gun. I wonder if Dick was stroking his barrel when it went off? Or did he have such a bloodlust for the little birdies that he didn't recognize that his buddy was in his gunsights and not a little bird?

Either way, more signs to these asshats holding themselves above the law. My question is whether anyone would have heard anything about it if Cheney had killed his hunting partner? The fact will remain that they didn't report the accident for alot longer than usual and, when they did, they blamed the victim. Nice folks, eh?

It sure would be refreshing for one of this asshats to actually admit that they screwed up and did something wrong instead of always, always, always blaming the victim or someone else or laying it on some underling scapegoat. Zero respect for Dick Cheney. But that's nothing new, the guy's a professional asshole.
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