The State of the Divide

So, I watched a good portion of Bush's smirky-jerky address last night. Enough to hear him be rude about Hilary Clinton and then to use a war widow for sympathy while another war widow was arrested for wearing a shirt with a number on it.

I heard Bush steal Democratic ideas and pawn them off as his own. I heard Bush talk about removing America from the Middle East's oily teat. I heard him say lots of stuff that appeared to be moving in the right direction. But he's said the same lame ass crap before and things don't change. He says one thing and does another.

He's got no credibility, he's got a well-established track record of doing whatever he damned well pleases.

A Texas oil-man talking about converting the US from a petro-based economy to something else? Yuh. Totally believable.

The partisan nature of the charade was so completely evident that its just sad to think how completely divided this country is. Straight along party lines. The State of the Divide is not good. We're looking at massive debt and no plan to reduce it. We're looking at a possible war in Iran over nukes (which, by the way, the "news" about their black market plan purchase is a smokescreen since the US gave Iran nuclear weapons plans a long time ago in an attempt to derail their nuke program, brainiacs).

The elections in November are our best chance to restore the natural checks and balances to our system of government. Republican controlled House and Senate and Oval Office means that there is nowhere near enough of a check on that unfettered power. Which is what has landed us in the shithole we're in now.

We are facing the furthering of corporate interests in America at the expense of the individual. We are facing the further shouting down of dissent in America. We have lost the fight to save Roe v. Wade. We have lost the Supreme Court to corporate interests. We have gone backwards in time and are less of a nation than we were before Bush. We have increased the divide between the haves and the havenots.

And the greatest trick the Republican Party has ever pulled is convincing the vast numbers of Americans that they are the party with their best interests at heart when nothing could be further from the truth. The Republican party is the party of the corporation, not the little people. Not the small business. The Democrats need to mobilize their powerbase, they need to reconnect with the people that are the party's support.

For all of our futures, we need to fix our broken government. Maybe we should start calling it Brokeback Government?
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