Some Thoughts on the Olympics

You can put me down as a fan of curling, the sport where they slow launch big smooth rocks down an icy alley to bash into the other guys stones. Or gals' stones.

Its sort of like a winterized version of bocci but they get to look super cool when they do that glide launch.

And it does not hurt that the US women's team is adorably cute. The Japanese team wasn't too shabby either.

Least interesting event: any form of figure skating, the attraction is completely lost on me. I'm not saying they are not athletes, they certainly are but the sport is just boring to me. I bet the subjective scoring system has something to do with that. I like hard numbers, not fuzzy judging.

Event I'd like to try at least once: Luge or bobsled. The rush and tunnel vision has gotta be pretty sweet.
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