Reflecting on Unemployment

Being out of work is hard, its hard to keep track of what day of the week it is. Its hard to actually get around to putting on pants. Its hard to remember that this is just a transitory phase from one shitty working situation and moving to, hopefully, a much better and more lucrative and rewarding working sitution.

But I keep thinking today is Wednesday. I wonder if the food poisoning and puking have anything to do with that?

Happy Valentine's Day, now I'm going to go lie back down and read my Motorcyclist magazine an watch bad tv.

Oh yeah, one last thought for the morning. I first heard the term "retrenched" for someone that had gotten fired while living overseas and love it. Its perfectly descriptive as in you have been tossed back into the trenches to battle with the other peons for a position that isn't in the trenches. I wasn't retrenched though, I retrenched myself (and even did it publicly!).
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