Realizing a Dream

Its been something I've wanted to do for as long as I've known it existed, major league baseball spring training. The concept is fantastic, the interaction with the players is unparalled and, hell, its in Arizona. I've put time in there and know it reasonably well, though it has been a few years since I was there.

But we are scheduled for a short stay in the valley of the sun. After much wrangling of travel sites and comparisons of deals (hint, some of the package deals make their margins on the car rentals) we ended up with a damned fine deal as far as I can tell. How's under $1100 sound for three to fly to Phoenix, have a room for three nights and a car for three days and tickets to two games?

Yeah, I thought it sounded like a pretty decent deal too.

And we'll be able to get some really excellent up-close baseball action which will be a total blast for Graydon and for me as well.
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