Late Reflection on the SuperBowl

I've been busy with round the clock stuff so this had to wait until today. And I've seen a bunch of reviews about the game and the halftime show. Most have been to the effect that both were lame and the spectacle of the SuperBowl creates a hype that can almost never actually be lived up to.

Kieth Olbermann's observation that the fact that the commercials have become part of the draw is a pretty indicator of just how warped the entire sordid affair is now.

I watched the game in a bar up in the city with a bunch of co-workers as we prepped for the event (which I'll post about later). And, aside from the noise and distractions, I enjoyed the game for the most part. I missed a bunch of plays but saw the trick touchdown to Hines Ward and the game went about as I'd expected and hoped.

The halftime show was alright. I couldn't really hear Mick singing, which was fine upon replay later, and I kind of liked the rippling tongue dealie. But I did jokingly ask for the bar to change it to the Puppy Bowl.

The best part about the SuperBowl for me was seeing Joey Porter interviewed by The Best Damn Sports Show guys (which, by the way, the show is terrible now and pretty well unwatchable and I caught this just as I was flipping channels). Joey Porter showed some real class when he was asked if he had anything to say to Jeramy Stevens, the wallflower who spoke out and then dropped the ball. And Joey didn't lower himself, he basically declined by saying hey, he just lost the SuperBowl, no need to kick a man when he's down.

And I'm glad that Jerome Bettis could retire as a complete champion. The Steelers are actually a pretty easy team to like. From Big Ben to Hines to Randle El to Joey to Jerome to Polamalu and even Bill Cowher with his perma-scowl and spit flecked persona. I'm glad they won and the game was decent enough to work for me.
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