I WILL Survive

or, So, Kicking Ass and Taking Isn't Good Enough Anymore?
There are alot of good lessons that can be taken out of an experience like I've had over the last couple of days. Among them are numerous excellent resume enhancing skillsets, a rather sizable set of new business contacts who had all seen me in action running the biggest event in my company's history for a couple of hundred people, emcee'ing said event. Adapting and overcoming issues and obstacles to keep the show running, keeping things close to on time and delivering on a promise that I made to myself to see the process through to the end.

I did all of that. I did survive the show, I survived the entire thing and came out better than I went in. Which is nice and all. And maybe I should just stop there. But the reality is that, if you bust your ass and do two people's jobs for a few months on end and come out smelling like a rose then hey, maybe your boss should say thanks?

Maybe I just expect too much.

And, while my fantastic drive out of San Francisco at 5 on a Tuesday was a long one, I still had a bit of aggravation to vent. And vented it was. So now I've got a more objective viewpoint of my situation.

Which gives rise to a plan. And plans can even evolve (or be intelligently design so that they are implemented) into action. And action can result in, well, results. Hurrah!

The details of which I will not be discussing here until I've broken with my current place and am no longer hamstrung by concerns of a backlash. But there is a plan in motion and I'm dedicated to making a couple of major changes in my life to smooth out the rough spots and return my little family to a more peaceful and happy place.

But today should be interesting after I took yesterday off. I wasn't given the day off, I just went to work, emptied out my truck and then left for the rest of the day. I no longer really care, if my boss wants to knock a sick day off or take a vacation day, that's fine. But, after putting in the hours and making the event work as well as it did, the fact that I wasn't just automatically given the day off is ludicrous. And very, very telling.

And it makes me decision process alot faster and easier. So thanks for that, "Massa Bahs". When work becomes a daily debate to go in or "be sick" then its time to move on, no? Unless things change very drastically today and tomorrow, I know where my path is leading me.

And, by the way, I'm well aware that I'm taking a reasonably substantial risk in even posting this now, before the fireworks, but, as you might guess, I really no longer care all that much and am more concerned with where I am going than with upsetting the assholes who have pushed me there.
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