Feeling a Bit Outflanked

Between the clusterfuck that is my work these days and the hassles of the town where I live, I don't really have a whole lot of down time right now and its starting to wear me down.

My temper is short, my patience is threadbare and my boss has decided to try and convert me into her personal whipping boy after I've stepped up my efforts two fold in the wake of an employee quitting before a major, major event for our company. But I am staying on my workouts and riding my bike as I can and that does help an awful lot, maybe enough to carry me through this really, really rough patch, maybe not.

Put it this way, I've nearly quit twice in the last two days and nearly been fired twice in the last two days. Which would be fine by me because I'd go to the show just to watch it disintegrate.

One more day in which I'm sure she'll try and beat on me with her whim-based business style. But these days, I don't let her get away with it. These days I'm telling her no, I'm telling her that its not possible. I'm telling her what we need and why and not really giving a damn if she gets pissy about it.

You don't start treating your longest working employee like a piece of shit in the last week before the biggest event in the company's history, especially when that employee has been carrying the entire damned event. That's what we call shortsighted and stupid.

And the home stuff has been happening for so damned long its hard for me to think what its like to live somewhere where we actually have some privacy and our own space. Man, I cannot wait to move.
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