The Bush Plan: Rename Stuff So It Sounds Better Than It Is

I must have missed this in all the blustery hubbub of the SOTU last night but apparently Bush has decided to rename the War on Terror as The Long War.

Just like those illegal NSA wiretaps are supposed to be called the "terrorist surveillance program" even though it doesn't change the basic and underlying illegality of the big ol' turd.

Speaking of which, the first class action lawsuits have been filed in regards to Bush's illegal wiretaps using the NSA.

But they're legal, they're legal because the president says so and what King George decrees is The Law. Or so he would have you believe. But it isn't true and won't be true no matter how often or how loud the GOP talking faces bleat the message. There is no justification for not getting proper court authorization to tap American citizen's communications. If they are consorting with terrorists then it should be easy as pie to get the court order signed. That following the law is below Bush is incredibly indicative of the type of mentality running this country.
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