Burning the World Over a Comic

It isn't news to anyone who's seen the news in the last several weeks since the publication of that cartoon that has set off a conflagration across the Middle East and the world.

The demonstrations are increasing, the death toll is climbing and moronic posturing politicians are resigning. There are powers that be behind these demonstrations and protests that want this to escalate into an Islam versus Christian smackdown of global proportions. Today, in Indonesia, they attacked the US Embassy because they said they believed the publication of the comic was orchestrated by the infidel USA. Who needs proof when you've got fanaticism?

Its a comic. Get over it. And please stop burning everything and killing people. It is a comic. Not even an especially offensive one. Please stop using its lameness as an excuse to destroy shit. You are behaving like sleep-deprived children.

What we need is someone making an action comic strip about the way overblown reaction to this stupid thing. And, another ironic aspect, is that the more comical the overreaction, the more like the cartoon they are demonstrating against they become.
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