Adjusting to the New Paradigm

In many ways I feel like I've just been liberated from a prison in having resigned earlier this week. The oppressive atmosphere had really begun to pervade my consciousness and it felt like being locked into something when I was really not locked in at all.

Or appreciated or fairly compensated.

I've had some time to think and think about what I'd like to do in regards to closing the last chapter of my life with my last company. They owe me $5K on top of whatever pay, vacation, whatever other money they owe me. That money is owed to me in spite of a verbal agreement to the commission structure.

Because of the precedent of the previous conference and commissions for the sales during that event, it will not be hard at all to prove, if I have to, that they owe me the money.

And the longer I thought about it, the more I decided that I want that money. It is mine. I did earn it, it is mine and I'll be damned if I'm going to let my cheapskate boss pocket my money and think nothing of it.

My next step is to give them the opportunity to consider the ramifications of being sued for the money. And all of the bad publicity such an ordeal could bring them. Which isn't the route I'd like to take either. I'd much rather they just cut me a damned check and then we could go our separate ways alot more amicably.

We'll see how that course runs and then decide if the stakes need to be booted up to the next level wherein a lawyer gets retained and official letters get sent. And nobody wants that.
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