You Cannot Walk on Me If I'm Standing Up To You

I work in a small office, a small, very fast-paced office with people performing multiple tasks that crossover into other areas of the company. So people have to work together to get things done. And when one person's ego starts to create problems then it can ripple into many different areas of the company.

Some of our workers have strong personalities and that can create trouble spots.

One, in particular, does not demonstrate very much respect for the other people in the office. On numerous occasions she has shown just how little she regards her co-workers by saying wholly inappropriate things. This is someone with less than a year with the company and performing a fairly low-level skilled position that I've seen five other people do over my time with the company. Which is to say, she's not essential to the company.

The other morning I had just gotten in and was speaking with our office manager, just sort of chatting a little bit as we're friends and she's had a lot of drama in her life lately. As do I. The problem is that her desk at the front of the office is next to this egotist's office.

Well, the egotist decided that she had heard enough. And, instead of coming out and politely asking us to quiet down so she could work, which wouldn't have been a problem at all, instead she came out and made the zip it motion by her mouth again and again to me and then to her. And then she inserted herself between me and the office manager and started talking to her about a project.

I walked back to my office and then walked back up to her and told her that her behaviour was exceedingly rude and unacceptable. She had an excuse notched and complained that she'd been working for two hours already and we should be quiet. To which I said, the manner of your telling us to be quiet was rude and unacceptable and disrespectful and I will not tolerate it again.

But of course, she thinks she's right and I'm an asshole for telling her she was rude. So now I'm going to make it a point to call her on her poor ass behaviour publicly everytime she decides to be rude to me or anyone else around me. I won't stand for her disrespect because she has no right, no call and no justification for how she treats people who work with her. Nobody has the right to show such disrespect for other people in the office, not even the boss.

I don't care if you don't like me as a person or you don't respect me as a person but I do care if you disrespect my position and my time with the company. I do care if you think you have some sort of carte blanche to treat others with zero respect and I will make it very clear publicly that your behaviour is completely unacceptable. And if that makes you quit and go find some other people to be rude to then that's fine, no loss. We could re-staff her position in a week.
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