When's Moving Day?

Most of the time I'm reasonably comfortable around my house. I get along with all of my immediate neighbors and generally just try to stay low on the radar. But then there comes to happen certain things that remind me of how strongly, how deeply and how passionately I want to sell this goddamned house and get to some place where my driveway is all my driveway and my nearest neighbor would be hard to hit with a slingshot.

What would you do if your dog started going berserk at the front door and, when you looked out, you saw some douchebag pissing on the side of your damned house?

I probably should have let Nande out to tear his cock off but instead I charged out at himn and started shoving and pushing him away from my house shouting at him the whole time. In retrospect it might have been a stupid thing to do but I just got so damned pissed off.

I want to move so very, very badly. Before something bad does happen.

To his credit, one of the two boys that live next door came over within a few minutes and apologized for the guy who his dad would have chased off at first sight. I guess. And, of course, I'm all amped up and wondering if I should be camping out by my front door with 9 and 1 already pressed. Sure makes for a happy house, I'll tell you what.

Instead I'll probably use the energy to search for land and housing so that we can sell and move to space that's more conducive to our needs. And what a very nice day that will be.
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