Town Hall Meeting with Reps. Murtha and Moran

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Three hundred and twenty nine billion dollars.

That's the current tally of money spent in Iraq and Afghanistan. And I'm sitting here watching a C-Span Town Hall Meeting with Congressmen Jim Moran (Va.) and John Murtha (Pa.) take questions from people in the town of Reston, Virginia. They are candid, they are (seemingly) genuine and they are saying things with substance behind them.



Mr. Moran laid to rest any hope of impeachment. At least in the short term. With the House and Senate under Republican control, there are no checks and balances to the White House. There is no chance of any impeachment until there is a restoration of the built-in checks and balances of our government.

This I know, men like John Murtha are what America should be about. Honest, honorable and a man of deep integrity who you could also sit on a porch somewhere and talk about flyfishing. They are not dodging questions, they are not using doublespeak, they are not using vague terms.

That and the second time I've heard it mentioned but it should be shouted from the rooftops that there are 37 Iraq war veterans running for seats in the House and Senate. Democrat veterans. Against Republican incumbents. This is unheard of and important to know and think about. I need to find a better story on it but it is important to know.

And Rep. Jim Moran is talking about the values that America was founded on. Leading by example, not by force. That torture isn't American because its against the ideals that our nation was founded upon. The US could be the Athens of the 21st century but instead of being cast as the Sparta. Force. Using military might to tell the world what to do. Its against the ideals of America. Its not showing respect for our troops, its not showing respect for our allies and neighbors and the world.

The war has led the US astray. Instead of concentrating on Al Qaeda and pursuing the terrorists who attacked our nation, we have become mired in a war that is recruiting more terrorists everyday. One number that sticks with me is that Al Qaeda has now franchised themselves to 60 other countries.

That each day, more people choose to codify their hatred for the slaughterous empire-building (that, as was mentioned, was architected as far back as 1992) and join the fight to extinquish this country.

And I need to read a copy of the Murtha Plan. But hey, here's a tidbit from his November release
We spend more money on Intelligence than all the countries in the world together, and more on Intelligence than most countries GDP. But the intelligence concerning Iraq was wrong. It is not a world intelligence failure. It is a U.S. intelligence failure and the way that intelligence was misused.
Misused. Not bad intelligence, misused intelligence. Cooked intelligence. Made up. Falsehoods. Lies.

Mr. Moran is wrapping it up by saying that the elections, that the kids who are going to inherit this mess and have the most to lose are the least active voting block. Mobilize the apathetic youth of the nation and we can bulldoze over the false Political action is the most important way we can take back our nation from those who are leading it down the wrong path.

And with that, I'm off to bed. But wow, that was good and inspiring and compelling.
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