Reviling Mentalities

People harp on the Democrats as being tax-and-spend Democrats. Like its a bad thing to pay for new programs with taxes rather than run up a massive deficit and spend like its going out of style, ala ShrubCo.

So I've got a new term I'd like to suggest for the current mentality of the Bush administration, its called Taxcut-(for the rich)-and-spend. And it is helping to propel our nation into the deepest, darkest red hole ever.

Massive overspending combined with tax cuts for the rich (who really need tax cuts so they can make the payments on their seventh and eighth houses) with budget cuts for social programs and education equal the USA becoming an intellectual Third World nation.

In the November elections keep in mind who has been "leading" this nation down this path. Who has been sending our children into battle underequipped? Who has committed our country to a war without an exit that has cost us almost 7 times the first Gulf War? Who has yet to capture the mastermind behind the worst terrorist attacks on our nation? Who promoted the buffoon who sat on his hands while New Orleans drowned? Who is the ass who has opened our natural resources up to corporate raiding? Who is the dutchbag who says "Let's not play the blame game" and then tries to blame everyone else for his mistakes? Who is pushing hard to stack the Supreme Court with judges who will overturn the right of Americans to abort their unwanted pregnancies (make no mistake, Alito was nominated precisely for this purpose)? Who wanted to amend the freakin' Constitution to deny gay people their rights to protection as married people?

Taxcuts for the rich and spend, spend, spend. THAT is the Bush agenda.
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