New Word of The Day - Proxibation

via seed and a comment on a post over at the Fabulous Mint 400 we have today's new word.

Proxibation - proxy mastubatory target. Every red-blooded man wants to go a round or two with her sister, Jessica. Ashlee is the accidental page flip, while you're rubbing one out. You just go with it.

I'd argue with the every red-blooded man wants to go a round with Jessica Simpson since I, personally, find stupid bimbos incredibly unappealling. But if I'd never heard her speak or sing or anything else, yeah, she's an attractive woman. Her no-talent little sister is ten kinds of ugly though and sounds like a drowning cat when she "sings".

And, in Fictionarium News, I should be rolling out the Fictionarium Blog in the next couple of days depending on how late my little boy stays up.
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