More Discover Card Ridiculousness

You may recall my recent hassles with the Discover Card people about trying to close my credit card account with them.

Well I thought I'd made it patently clear that there was not friggin' way I would ever have anything to do with them and their shamefully crappy customer service.

But today I got a notice in the mail thanking me for reopening my account. The idiot bitch who hung up on me actually went in and reopened the account after closing it so that the process would be drawn out even further.

I'm very seriously considering filing a Better Business Bureau complaint against them because this is absolutely freaking ridiculous. The account is now, supposedly, closed for good but I'll believe it when they send me out my positive balance check (which will probably be delayed because of this stupid crap).

Let me make this perfectly clear, Discover is a sham. Do business with them at your own risk because they can and will fuck you over at every opportunity. I bet they'll even try to assess some account closure fees against the balance so they don't have to give me all of it. Fucking crooked assholes.
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