Lucky Lake Baby

It sounds like it might be an exotic dessert or something. But the story is real and, while it starts really badly, this one ends really well and that's the good thing.

Brazilians Race to Adopt Abandoned Baby in which a 2 month old baby girl was found floating in a black plastic bag on Pampulha Lake in Brazil. Now people are flocking to adopt the little girl (who was released from the hospital 2 days ago) and, of course, outraged at her mother, who has been caught.

Whatever your troubles, whatever is bothering you, putting your child in a plastic bag and throwing her into a lake is not the answer. It cannot be the answer. I'm glad she was found so quickly or this would be another awful case of infanticide. As it is, she's lucky to be alive.

The amazing thing is that the rescue was caught on camera live by someone who happened to be there with their camera going! Well, maybe not so amazing anymore in this day of ubiquitous digital gadgetry. But still damned cool!
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