The Last Week

In one week from this morning I will be looking at the opening of our conference, which will be the culmination of several months of work on my part. During the process my main co-coordinator quit which squarely shouldered the burden on me. Loads of fun and joy.

This last week will be a very, very busy one. I'll try to get posts up as usual but they may be fewer and farther between for the next week or so.

The good thing is that next Tuesday evening will be the end of this first conference of the year. And that'll mean my huge deal will have passed and I'll be able to return to my usual PR activities, sort of.

This next week will see lots of scrambling, lots of checklist making, lots of last minute repairs, setups and deals. Its not going to be very much fun, I know. And the kick in the nuts on top of the whole thing? I've gotta be on the road next Sunday afternoon during the only SuperBowl in the last few years I've given the first damn about. My solution is to roll early, arrive early and find a spot to post up and enjoy the football game up in the city.

At least I get to look forward to a totally awesome room up in San Francisco, photos will be forthcoming, of course. I'm going to ask for a room that looks down towards the China Basin and Pacific Bell Park but I'm sure I'll be happy with wherever I end up.
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