Do Not Assume I Am As Stupid As You Are

Today went from decent to shitter in only a couple of hours and a couple of screw ups.

One, the conference program we had designed and printed has substantial mistakes in it. Enough to force us to reprint them for around $1200 which is making my boss angry at me for not catching it even though she also proofed the same copy I did.

And the designer is blaming a lack of installed fonts for the final copy of the program containing double bios and missing five of them. I am not anywhere near that stupid.

Second, Discover Card just won't let it go. They sent me a bill today. Six weeks (give or take) after I "shut" my account. They owe me $50 but haven't sent it, instead they are keeping my damned account open in the hopes that they'll get their filthy credit hooks into me again. I'm not anywhere near that stupid. But I sure do love the customer service rep's attitude when I demanded that they close the damned account. Her snottiness was ever so helpful.

Never ever, ever get a Discover Card. They are a crooked asshat of a company that does not serve their customers so much as they service themselves at their customer's expense.
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