Time Flies Without a Schedule

This is one of those great weeks, evidenced by my lack of time spent online, the slow updating of my Flickr stream and keeping up on other blogs and news. But that's part of the allure of a vacation, its a break from all of it. And the week has gone by fairly quickly after the hubbub of Christmas day has passed.

We've made great strides in getting the shop ready for an additional tenant, which will be damned nice as they will help defray our rental costs each month. And, as a consequence of getting the shop ready for the new person, we've also had to get the garage ready for a whole bunch of new stuff to store. So now we've got a well organized garage that's holding more than before but is also alot more usable and not so cluttered.

But its not all fun and games, I've got a half day or so of work to get done today or tomorrow in advance of the new year. Lots of projects coming down the pike at work means that I've got alot of late nights, stress and not much in the way of thanks.

The New Year will also see me with another yearly performance review and raise. Things will be quite interesting this time around as I've taken on a tremendous amount more responsibility (thanks to a departed Marketing manager who's tasks have become mine) while still surpassing previous metrics for the company's public relations by more than 20% from 2004. Which is pretty damned impressive.

Next up is to figure out my goals for 2006 instead of resolutions.
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