Publicizing Your Assholery

I was riding home from work last night and, while sitting and waiting for a light to change so I could get on the highway, I noticed a truck with the name of some mobile car service on the side and exhaust pipes pointing straight up so it looked like a mini-semi.

And I thought to myself that it was kind of cool truck. Until I noticed the bumper sticker the owner had affixed to the window right behind the driver. It read
Looking for your cat? Try looking under my tires.
Now, I know there are people that don't like cats in the world, heck I'm allergic to them (though I still like cats alot). I know there are people that think they're barely better than vermin. But, I also know that if that asshole came to my house to work for me and I saw that hateful crap on his truck, I'd tell him to leave. There are plenty of people who could do the same job that do not advertise their disgusting feelings about other people's pets. It just sort of amazes me that people would think that's acceptable behaviour when they work with strangers all the time.

It reminded me of Bob Parsons, the asshole who runs GoDaddy.com, cross posting his personal beliefs that the Gitmo prisoners and terrorist POW's should be tortured MORE from his personal blog to the GoDaddy.com business home page. Its just inappropriate and incredibly stupid.

How would you feel if that jerk came to your house to work on your car two days after some prick ran over your cat? Exactly. Why support people who hate?
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