The Kinder and Gentler Military

Makes you just want to go and sign up right now, doesn't it? The thought of some asshole screaming in your face, getting his spit all over you to get his point about the proper way to make your bed or the right way to shine your shoes home. Is it any wonder why the military is having so much trouble making their recruitment numbers with these lovely gentlemen out there spreading their high decibel love?

Aside from the whole people will be doing their damndest to kill you aspect, the training aspect of people screaming in my face relentlessly just doesn't really compel me to want to sign up or encourage others to do so.

It's nice too, can you see the fury in that drill sergeant's eyes? Can you see how much he'd love to just kick the snot out of that lowly puke who can't make his bed right or didn't have his belt buckle shined up just right. You can't let anything slide because you just know how important being able to make your bed is when you're in a firefight.

You know what would help the recruiting effort? If the kids of some high profile chickenhawks signed up. Let's see the Bush twins in uniform, let's see Dick's kids on the frontline, let's see Karl Rove at basic training (and he could sure use the exercise the jowly asshole).
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