Dr. Pepper's Homage to Mrs. Robinson

Its not a one shot commercial, I just saw it again and presume that its being shown with greater regularity on channels that I don't watch.

To the tune of Stacey's Mom, a song about an infatuation with a schoolgirl's ridiculously hot mother (I believe played by supermodel Rachel Hunter in the video to excellent effect), a soccer mom type pulls up in her minivan. She's drenched in the rays of the sun and has a whimsical and knowing smile on her face. A flash of the wind blowing her shirt open at her belly for some reason, I'd make guesses as to the symbolism but its a freaking soda commercial.

As the boys, a group of boys around 12-14 years of age, with bikes, skateboards and other boy stuff, catch site of the mom, she clicks the remote and the minivan's side door opens up to reveal a glowing from below ice chest filled with Dr. Pepper. Of course, it might as well be filled with crack pipes and meaty druglord style lines of coke for the message its sending.

The boys go wild. They drop everything, literally. Bikes fall over, skateboards tumble to the ground in the mad dash for the goodies in the van. The final scene is of these boys, all right at about boob height coincidentally, milling around the mom who's got a very pleased with herself look on her face like a shepherd tending her flock of nubile young, impressionable boys.

Yep, its kind of creepy.
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